Eddie's Eggrolls ... $13

Crispy fried eggrolls stuffed with Puerto Rican “pasteles”.
Served with cilantro aioli sauce.

Fried Pork ... $13

Bite sized crispy pork tossed in mojo sauce and topped with pickled onions.

Tempura Shrimp ... $16

Lightly breaded with “alcapurria” tempura. Served with a sauce of guava, cilantro and roasted peppers.

The Nest Coconut ... $37

Puerto Rican style ceviche with mix of shrimp, conch, octopus, scallops & lobster served inside a coconut shell.
Served with your choice of “tostones” or “arepas”.

Mini “Alcapurria” ... $17

Green banana and root vegetables fritters stuffed with your choice of shrimp, crab, ground meat or "Ropa Vieja".

Nectar Salad ... $13

Mixed greens, avocado, fried cheese, seasonal fruit and green plantain zest served with your choice of passion fruit vinaigrette or Dijon mustard.


Nectar's Bowl ... $32

Our signature Nectar rice with your choice of protein, spicy crab and avocado on top and a side of “tostones”.

Choose Between: Skirt Steak | Shrimp | Fried Pork | Chicken | Ropa Vieja

El Yunque ... $29

Crispy pork belly with tamarind sauce topped with “tostones”, shrimp tempura and our signature smoky bacon cheese sauce.

Caribbean Sampler ... $42

Caribbean style sampler which includes “apastelado” rice with "Kan- Kan" chop cracklings, “mofongo” with shrimp in creole sauce and “Congri” rice with Ropa Vieja.

Kan-Kan Chop ... $32

Mauby glazed pork chop served with “apastelado” rice, breadfruit “tostones” and mojo sauce.

Grandma’s Favorite ... $37

Wine flamed beef tenderloin simmered in butter & garlic sauce topped with smothered onions and french fries on top.
Served with rice and beans.

Chicken Breast ... $25

Lightly breaded with "alcapurria" tempura and garlic sauce.
Accompanied by "apastelado" rice.

Farm to Ocean ... $29

Skirt Steak & Shrimp served over a bed of seasoned fries topped with our smoky bacon cheese sauce and “chimichurri”.

Surf & Turf

Jumbo Shrimp with Skirt Steak or New York ... $90

Includes Néctar Rice and one side.

Lobster Tail with Skirt Steak or New York ... $99

Herbs & Garlic butter.
Includes Néctar Rice and one side.

Fresh Whole Lobster ... $MP/P

Herb & Garlic Butter.
Served with your choice of side.
Seafood Stuffed +$16

Red Snapper ... $MP/P

Wild caught whole fried fish.
Served with your choice of side.
Seafood Stuffed +$16

Crowned Snapper ... $40

Red snapper filet stuffed with shrimp in a creamy onion & garlic sauce.
Served with “mofongo”.

Del Pilón

Create your own. Pick your base, protein and favorite sauce. Choose one of each.




Skirt Steak ... $36
Jumbo Shrimp ... $30
Chicken ... $25
Fried Pork ... $25
Fish Bites ... $30
Seafood Mix ... $37


Garlic Sauce
House Sauce

Meat Selection

Angus Prime Cuts

New York Steak ... $64

12oz USDA Prime Cut, well marbled for peak flavor and deliciousness juiciness.
Served with “chimichurri” and garlic confit with one side.

Outside Skirt Steak ... $48

A tender 9oz USDA Prime Cut with “chimichurri” sauce, garlic confit and your choice of side.

Vegan Menu

Fried Rice ... $18

Wok-tossed with broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms and asparagus.

Potato Casserole ... $18

Stuffed with vegetable stir fry and marinated herb tofu.

Kid's Menu

Fried Chicken Strips ... $12

Served with your choice of French fries, “tostones” or rice with beans.

Spaghetti ... $12

Served with Bolognese sauce.

Sliders ... $14

Two bite-sized burgers with American cheese and coleslaw served with French fries.
Add-ons $2 each: Bacon, sweet plantains, avocado or fried egg.


Breadfruit “Tostones” | Green plantain “Tostones” | “Mofongo” | Sweet Plantain | Rice and Beans | Daily Mash or Puree | Sauteed Vegetables | Nectar Rice $13

*In groups of 8 people or more, splitting the bill is allowed, but with a maximum limit of 3 separate payments per group.